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Since a few days, I'm working in Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO to update an Excel application.

As I have a mighty hard time to understand everything and find some information in the very lacunar documentation (See in MSDN), I have decided to so a serie of post, related to what I learn and discover in this domain.

How to access to your sheets ?

  • By simply using the "this" keyword when working in a sheet
  • By using the "Globals" class
    • Globals.Sheet1
    • Globals.Sheet2

How to set a value in a single cell ?

  • Select the cell you want and set a value

Globals.Sheet1.Cells[10, 10] = "Hello world";

How to set the same value in mutliple cells ?

  • Select a range...
    • Example 1

      Excel.Range range = Globals.Sheet1.Range["D10", "E11"];

    • Example 2

      Excel.Range cell1 = (Excel.Range)Globals.Sheet1.Cells[10, 10];

      Excel.Range cell2 = (Excel.Range)Globals.Sheet1.Cells[12, 12];

      Excel.Range range = Globals.Sheet1.Range[cell1, cell2];

  • ...and set

    range.Value2 = "Same value";

How to set a formula in a cell ?

Note that to set it in mutliple cell, you can first get a range as specified above.

Globals.Sheet1.Range["A15", "A15"].Formula = "=15";

Globals.Sheet1.Range["A16", "A16"].Formula = "=15*2";

Globals.Sheet1.Range["A17", "A17"].Formula = "=R[-2]C+R[-1]C";

How works the last example ? It's pretty simple in fact :

  • R means "the same row"
  • R[3] means the current row + 3 (if we are at row 10, so it will be row 13)
  • R[-2] means the current row - 2 (if we are at row 10, so it will be row 8)
  • C means "the current column"
  • C[3] means the current column + 3 (if we are at column 10, so it will be column 13)
  • C[-2] means the current column - 2 (if we are at column 10, so it will be column 8)
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