sept. 06

You may know one of the improvement of Sql Server 2005 was the tight integration with the .NET CLR, giving the ability of creating stored procedures in C#.
We have never used in production environment and it's time to exchange on this subject.
One of my colleague will give a training on this subject

Where In Brussels in the Tour & Taxis building
When Tuesday, September 18th 2007, from 17h to 19h
What - The agenda
  • Programmability Options in SQL Server 2005
  • SQLCLR Architecture
    • Resource management
    • Exception handling
    • Security
  • Creating Managed Objects
  • Cataloging
  • Versioning
  • Assembly dependencies
  • Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • User Defined Types
  • User Defined Aggregates
  • Best Practices

You would like to attend ? Leave a comment !

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Posted on jeudi, 6 septembre 2007 10:16


I'd like to assist. I'll be a bit late because I won't be at T&T.


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