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As an architect, I like to regularly go back to the "basis" of development and to ask myself and others, again and again, the same architecture and conceptions questions. And each time, I discover new aspects and I succeed to understand better or deeper such or such domain.

In a previous post, I have spoken about my experience at the CITCON and my discovery of Open Space Discussions. I have found this concept very interesting and I have decided to use this concept for our architecture meetings. This concept will evolve about during our meetings.

This time, we'll meet on Monday December 17th at the Kaii Theater in Brussels to speak about nTiers development. This discussion will be led by Didier Pieroux, Dario Garcia Coder, Ronan Guillamet and myself. All topic can be aborded, but here are some ideas we were thinking to speak of :

  • Encapsulation
  • Separation of concerns
  • Data Access Layers, Persistence Layer and Stored Procedures
  • Value Objects and Business Objects
    • Inheritance
    • Composition
    • Conversion
    • What to expose and when

You would like to join ? Leave a comment and I will contact you !

EDIT: The meeting will start at 18h30 in "Les Halles St-Géry"

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Didier Pieroux

Posted on mardi, 11 décembre 2007 22:27

>> This discussion will be led by Didier Pieroux, ...
The only leadership I am willing to assume here is on demonstrating that I can order beers in Flemish much better than each of you guys... ;)) See you there !

Note: Is the Kaii Theater reopened ? One week ago it was still under _heavy_ transformation...


Posted on mercredi, 12 décembre 2007 09:55

Yes this word is not the best one Smile "held" maybe... Not really. "Animated" so ?

But "een kriek alsublieft"
It should be ok Wink

Good question, I don't know. Otherwise we can go squatting a sofa in the "Halles St Gery". We'll find a cool place anyway !


Posted on jeudi, 22 décembre 2016 16:57

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