mars 04

 I have been a long time without publishing anything on this blog.

The reason was simple, I was simply preparing a 80 pages article about Continuous Integration in the Microsoft.NET world for the (french-speaking) website This article is now almost finished and will be phased as following :

  • First Part (being published today - available online here)
    • Quick introduction to continuous integration
      • Why do we want Continuous Integration
      • What is Continuous Integration
      • What do we call BVTs
    • Quick presentation of the tools needed for Continuous Integration (in the Microsoft.NET world)
      • MsTest
      • Static Code Analysis
      • MsBuild
      • TfsBuild
    • Unit Test : Writing unit tests with MsTest
      • Structure of a test class
      • Checking the correctness of a test
      • Testing the non public API
    • Unit Test : Executing tests with MsTest
      • Via Visual Studio 
      • Thru Command line
    • Unit Test : Configuring tests
      • Test Runs naming
      • Code Coverage
      • Deploying files
      • TimeOut
    • Unit Test : Managing the tests
      • Via the "Test View"
      • Via the "Test Editor"
    • Unit Test : Additional attributes
      • Behavioral attributes
      • Informational attributes
    • Static Code Analysis : Presentation
      • Activate the analysis
      • Running the analysis
      • Explication of the rule naming
      • Parameterizing the analysis
    • Static Code Analysis : Correcting the errors
      • Correcting one error
      • Correcting several errors
      • Grouping the rules suppression in a global file
    • Static Code Analysis : Limitations
  • Second Part (will be published probably in a month)
    • Deep presentation of MsBuild
      • Basic description
      • What are the tasks, targets, properties, items
      • How to create some custom tasks
    • Deep presentation of TfsBuild
      • Presentation of a build file
      • Which event can we use in a build file 

Of course I gave here only a very short subtract of the agenda of the second part : I will detail it only when the article will be published.

To read this article, just go to or directly to my webpage on this site :

Note that this article is available only in french for now, but do not hesitate to leave comments here if you think the content is interesting and that it could be interesting that I translate it.


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