août 02

Hello all !

As I told in my last post, I left a month to go to Perú. After this very nice trip, it took me some time to get back in my life and in my work. But here I am now, ready to continue ! Meaning also that I will soon blog other news. But for now, let's share some pics about my trip !

And see you soon for more technical news !

Click on each picture to enlarge it !


The flag of Cusco on the left, and the Peruvian one on the right 

A demonstration of marinera Norteña in the center of Cusco The internal courtyard of an artisan's workshop. Where inca style is mixed to spanish style
 View of one temple in the archeological site of Pisaq The great walls of the city of Sacsayhuaman  Celebration of the "Inti Raimy", the celebration of the winter solstice. When the Inca is blessing the mummies 
 Still the "Inti Raimy" in the "Plaza de Armas" de Cusco. The Inca is blessing the crowd. Ecstatic spectators !  Una llama Musica de  "El Condor Pasa" in the "Magical Fountain Park" of Lima


Paul Lorena

Posted on samedi, 2 août 2008 23:55

nice pictures!

Thierry Thoua

Posted on dimanche, 3 août 2008 12:13

Damned ! You did it !!!


Posted on lundi, 4 août 2008 11:52

Of course ! It would have been a pity not to blog about such a trip !

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