déc. 03
I will describe here an interesting scenario : what can you do when you have a VSTO project but that you want to open the file from command line (from another process) but anyway being able to access the classical VSTO method and members like Globals.ThisWorkbook, ...

Here we will see :
- how to open a VSTO document from command line (ie how to open an excel document from command line) and getting interop object
- an explanation about why you cannot convert this interop object to a VSTO object
- how you can get use of .NET remoting to access to the VSTO objects inside of your document
- and finally how you can achieve the same result using WCF [Plus]
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sept. 06
Some time ago, I have published a serie of article speaking about VSTO, .NET 3.5 and Excel. A few time ago, I wanted to merge a word document with a CSV file.
Let's see step by step how to achieve this, more specifically :
- How to create a template word document that contains fields
- How to do the mail merge using the COM interop [Plus]
avr. 07
When working with VSTO, you may need to delete worksheets of your workbook.
I will show here how you can easily create an extension method to delete your worksheets, and also how to get rid of the confirmation popup for each deletion. [Plus]
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mars 30
How can we format the values of a cell in Excel using the VSTO tools ?
We'll see here how to:
- change the font weight
- change the alignment of a cell (using the XlHAlign and XlVAlign enumerations)
- wrapping or not the text
- dealing with the width of a cell
- and also giving a format (decimal number, with or without thousand separator, date, ...) [Plus]
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mars 26
We'll see here how we can dynamically add new worksheets in an excel document using the VSTO tools. [Plus]
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