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Recently, I was needing to publish the powerpoints coming from various speakers on my server. When I have seen the size of some powerpoints (more than 20Mo) I thought it would not be a very nice user experience if my end-users were needing to download documents of such a size.

Do you want a way to analyse your document and pointing out which media is responsible of your document size ? This tool is for you ! [Plus]
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Recently, I was playing with WatiN to do some integration and web testing, and I have "discovered" the concept of session merging in the browsers.

Of course, that's an important feature allowing to deal correctly with popups dfor instance. But when you do some web testing and that you would like to launch several browser logged in with different users to check simultaneous actions or things like that, this feature can be very very annoying.

Internet Explorer 8 has added a new feature that allow you to surf in a new session, meaning you just deactivate explicitely the session merging. You can do that via the interface of in command line (IExplore.exe about:blank -nomerge)

What I will show here is how we can benefit from that feature in COM using the WatiN API. [Plus]
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Here, I will be using the tool NDepend - an analysis tool by Patrick Smacchia - to extract the call tree - the method dependencies - of an assembly.
We will see how we can do that using the menus of the tool, and also using the CQL (a SQL-like language to run queries against code to extract metrics) and more specifically functions like IsUsedBy, DepthOfIsUsedBy or NbLinesOfCode. [Plus]
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Patrick Smacchia just offered me a licence of NDepend - an analysis tool.
I will soon try it on my code to extract some metrics ! I'm more specifically willing to try the CQL (a SQL-like language to run queries against code to extract metrics). [Plus]
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I just published a second article on www.developpez.com about "Continous Integration in the Microsoft.NET World".
Here I will present this article and the full summay of these two articles.
Some of the key part of this article are about :
- Writing a basic project file using MsBuild
- How to use Properties and PropertyGroup
- How to use Items and ItemGroup
- How to execute a project file in command line
- How to use the .NET 3.5 tasks
- How to control targets
- Refactoring the project file
- Creating custom tasks
- Some information about TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Just two must-read tutorials about MsTest, Static Code Analysis, MsBuild and TfsBuild. [Plus]