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The Belgian Agile & .NET usergroup DotNetHub (http://www.dotnethub.be) is planning soon a free conference about NodeJS and Windows Azure.

This conference will be given by Rob Ashton (one of the contributor to RavenDB) on June 05th and will be held in the Microsoft premises in Zaventem, Belgium.

The conference is free. You want more information ? You want to register ? Just have a look on http://www.dotnethub.be/events/29/nodejs-and-azure-what-you-need-to-know.aspx [Plus]
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You usually use Moles & Stubs to define mocks in your tests ?
So you may have already coped with a bothering bug in the latest version of Moles & Stubs : all your code relying on your configuration file do not work any longer. Indeed Moles & Stubs is "loosing" you config file.
This is very bothering.

Anyway, there is a simple workaround to this problem, using both the capability of Moles & Stubs, and the code weaving capabilities of an AOP framework. For the example, we are using PostSharp. [Plus]
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In some cases, you need to write unit tests that will access an HttpContext. Fortunately MsTest provides you with some functionality to achieve this.

We'll see here how we can do that, but also a best practice to have a test that will work on any computer and on the build server, without any special configuration needed. [Plus]
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You want to use CSS3 in an HTML page and to render it via a WebBrowser control.
But after your first try you see that none of your CSS3 is rendered in the WebBrowser. What happens ?
Let's check why you encounter this behavior and how you can correct it ! [Plus]
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If you need to create a thumbnial on the fly of a given image, it is quite easy to do in C# as the Image object include a GetThumbnailImage method.
Anyway, there is another method that will generate cleaner thumbnails, for any types of images. [Plus]