juin 05
I just published a second article on www.developpez.com about "Continous Integration in the Microsoft.NET World".
Here I will present this article and the full summay of these two articles.
Some of the key part of this article are about :
- Writing a basic project file using MsBuild
- How to use Properties and PropertyGroup
- How to use Items and ItemGroup
- How to execute a project file in command line
- How to use the .NET 3.5 tasks
- How to control targets
- Refactoring the project file
- Creating custom tasks
- Some information about TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Just two must-read tutorials about MsTest, Static Code Analysis, MsBuild and TfsBuild. [Plus]
mars 04
I just published a long article (in french) on www.developpez.com about continuous integration in the Microsoft.NET world. You will find here the table of content of this article :
- Quick introduction to continuous integration
- Quick presentation of the tools needed for Continuous Integration (in the Microsoft.NET world)
- Unit Test : Writing unit tests with MsTest
- Unit Test : Executing tests with MsTest
- Unit Test : Configuring tests
- Unit Test : Managing the tests
- Unit Test : Additional attributes
- Static Code Analysis : Presentation
- Static Code Analysis : Correcting the errors
- Static Code Analysis : Limitations

I will soon publish a second article that will focus that time on MsBuild and TfsBuild. You will see also a first insight on the table of content of this second article. [Plus]
oct. 31
I am currently working with finite state machine and I was wondering how we could render this easily.
To achieve this goal, I will be using Graphviz, a set of tool in C++ that can render many graphs. They are based on a structure named "dot file".
I discovered a library named "Quickgraph" created by a Belgian guy working now at Microsoft Research : Jonathan 'Peli' de Halleux. It can work with MSAGL (Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout, ex Microsoft GLEE), but as this is not free I will make work together Graphvuz and quickgraph.

In some cases the solution I present here may freeze. As a consequence, I will also present a solution to be able to workaround this problem and thus to work asynchronously with the Process object. [Plus]
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août 08
I have been working for a while on a tool called Jarod.Instrumentation. I just released the version 1.1.

This tool is what I call a "metric grabber". There is already many existing tools on the market that provides metrics as for instance NDepend, Visual Studio itself, NCover, the Reflector's addins, Source Monitor, ... However they get information from a single source : their own calculation engine and at a single moment.

My need was different and I started from the following observation: as a developper / project manager, we are having many potential sources of metrics : a source control, a continuous integration engine, some classical code metric tools, task / bug tracking system, ...

I want to grab metrics from different sources, and aggregate them in a single tool to provide me with clear figures and charts.

Moreover, for a specific metric, the source itself is not that important. If tomorrow, I get rid of Team Foundation Server to go to Cruise Control.NET, I will still have the same need of metric, but I will just have another source. This should be as transparent as possible. For instance, I wanted to implement what I was needing for my .NET team and give the tool to my company's JAVA team so they could develop a simple new metric source as easily as possible.

You will find many details about this tool in this post, including some its key features and some screenshots. [Plus]
déc. 06
Two years ago, I have started to work with the TFS and so with MsBuild and Continuous Integration. I have soon seen that I was missing some automation tasks and so I turned to SDC (.NET SDC Solution Build & Deployment Process & Tools) that was adding more or less 100 new tasks. More than enough !

Yes but in the end I was still missing some specific task and so I have started to create my owns. Here is how Jarod.Sdc.Extensions project is born ! I have decided to create a package around .NET SDC (migrated after a while to SBF - Solution Build Framework) and to create my tasks.

Here is the latest version of this library including a new task : MsTest. Redundant with the Microsoft's TestToolTask or SBF's MsTest task ?

No not really. First it allow you to work more low-level by playing directly with command lines MsTest launching, and then it allows you to "ignore Inconclusive tests".

Find more information about this library here ! [Plus]