août 08
I have been working for a while on a tool called Jarod.Instrumentation. I just released the version 1.1.

This tool is what I call a "metric grabber". There is already many existing tools on the market that provides metrics as for instance NDepend, Visual Studio itself, NCover, the Reflector's addins, Source Monitor, ... However they get information from a single source : their own calculation engine and at a single moment.

My need was different and I started from the following observation: as a developper / project manager, we are having many potential sources of metrics : a source control, a continuous integration engine, some classical code metric tools, task / bug tracking system, ...

I want to grab metrics from different sources, and aggregate them in a single tool to provide me with clear figures and charts.

Moreover, for a specific metric, the source itself is not that important. If tomorrow, I get rid of Team Foundation Server to go to Cruise Control.NET, I will still have the same need of metric, but I will just have another source. This should be as transparent as possible. For instance, I wanted to implement what I was needing for my .NET team and give the tool to my company's JAVA team so they could develop a simple new metric source as easily as possible.

You will find many details about this tool in this post, including some its key features and some screenshots. [Plus]