sept. 16
This year, in Amsterdam, is organised the First International SOA Symposium ! And I will be there !

Join me in this "SOA Mass" to follow conferences given by Paul Brown, Sandy Carter, David Chappell, Thomas Erl and many more !

I haven't completely closed my course choice but no doubt this will be exciting and I will try to blog rapidly after that about the best conferences I would have seen ! [Plus]
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déc. 17
In a previous post, I have spoken about my experience at the CITCON and my discovery of Open Space Discussions. I have found this concept very interesting and I have decided to use this concept for our architecture meetings. This concept will evolve about during our meetings.

This time, we'll meet on Monday December 17th at the Kaii Theater in Brussels to speak about nTiers development. This discussion will be led by Didier Pieroux, Dario Garcia Coder, Ronan Guillamet and myself.

Find here more information about this meeting and the different subjects we'll discuss ! [Plus]
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sept. 04
.NET has introduced since its very first version the concept of enumerations. It's of course quite nice and allow us to replace magic numbers in the code by self documented structure.

But their use is far over too common, without thinking before to the consequences of such a choice.
Find here some of my thoughts of dos and donts about enumerations. [Plus]
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