mars 22
I'm just back from the Tech Days 2009 that took place in Antwerpen, Belgium.
You will find here my notes about the sessions of the second day :
- Session 1 : The Daily Scrum (by Joel Semeniuk and Stephen Forte)
- Session 2 : ASP.NET MVC for Smart People (By Scott Galloway)
- Session 3 : Fastest to Market : RAD Web Applications with ASP.NET Dynamic Data and Entity Framework (By Ingo Rammer)
- Session 4 : ASP.NET 4.0 what is coming? How do I prepare my app? (By Scott Galloway)
- Session 5 : ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 (By Jurgen Postelmans)
- Session 6 : Azure - A lap around cloud-hosted Services (By Ingo Rammer)

Many things to remind !
Just a great day ! [Plus]
mars 15
Back from the first day of the TechDays 2009 in Antwerpen - Belgium. You will find some notes about the different sessions I have assisted to :
- Keynote (by Hans Verbeeck, Gil Cleeren, Peter Himschoot, Katrien de Graeve and Gregory Renard) speaking of Silverlight, WPF, Surface and Cloud Computing
- Session 1 : The future of C#: a first look at C# 4.0 (by Bart De Smet)
- Session 2 : Silverlight 2 CoreCLR : Bringing the power of .NET to the net (by Andrew Pardoe)
- Session 3 : Code Contracts, Pex, CHESS, 3 tools for 1 talk (by Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux)
- Session 4 : Lean Principles, Agile Techniques, and Team System (by Joel Semeniuk)
- Session 5 : .NET Services: Infrastructure building blocks in the cloud (by Christian Weyer) [Plus]
mars 14
Back from the launch day of the techdays 2009 that took place in Antwerpen, Belgium. You will find my notes about the sessions I have assisted to :
- Session 1 : Architectures: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (by Miha Kralj)
- Session 2 : Identity & Cloud Services (by Vittorio Bertocci)
- Session 3 : Software + Services: The convergence of SaaS, SOA and Web 2.0 (by Beat Schwegler)
- Session 4 : Lap around Oslo (by Shy Cohen)
- Session 5 : How IT will change in the next decade (by Miha Kralj) [Plus]
mai 10
I recently wrote a post describing the use of control adapters to adapt the rendering of a control
However there are special things to know where we use control adapters with validators (ie controls deriving - directly or not - from BaseValidator), unless what the rendering result may be far from the one expected. [Plus]
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avr. 23
Depending of the browser, some control may need to be rendered differently. By default the .NET framework works with "Control Adapters", id est, some classes that will be plugged into the rendering process.

How does it works ? When the server receives a request, it will try to find which browser does the request, based on the user agent or on HTTP headers for example. To do it rely on some browser definition files (of extension .browser). To see them, please go on %windir%/Microsoft.NET/Framework//CONFIG/Browsers.

When the server has identified the browser (at worse, it would be identified as a "Default" browser), and that it needs to render a control, it will look if there is some control adapters plugged for this kind of control. If there are some, they will be in charge of the rendering. If not, the control will render himself. Note that an adapter can redirect / delegate some treatment to the control.

In this post, I will show
- how to create a basic control adapter
- how to use the adapter in a website (ie how to create a ".browser" file)
- how we can use this for testing purpose (by adapting the user agent used for testing requests) [Plus]
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